Wall Tie Replacements

Are your walls bulging or cracking? Is there a gap between your windows, stairs or skirting boards to the wall? Are there cracks in the plaster on interior walls? If so, then you’re in need of wall tie replacements.

Importance of wall ties

Poor workmanship in the past could have led to the existing damage to your property and needs to be fixed. Our 30 years of experience in the building industry means that we can spot these issues at first sight and know exactly the best way to handle the situation.

What type properties can we fix?

From commercial properties to houses, schools and offices, our trained experienced staff can cater for all properties in Cardiff. If that’s not enough we can also assess and restore car park retaining walls. Upon your first call to Peter E Smith Builders we will carry out a site inspection on the wall tie installation and look for structural damage. This could include wall tie corrosion, horizontal cracks, wall tie failure and potential issues with cavity wall ties.

Once we have inspected the damage our qualified team will present what recommendations to make, draft a report and give you a pricing structure that is competitive and on budget.

Our Process

As trusted Cardiff builders you’re in safe hands, and by replacing wall ties your property will remain safe for years to come. We will improve the support system to help stabilise the cavity of a wall structure with stainless steel fixtures. By amending the outer wall with steel wall ties between the cavity width will strengthen the building’s architecture.

There are different types of wall ties for the job but stainless steel and mild steel are good options. From Helical screw ties to remedial wall ties, the external and internal cavity walls are held together with these vital materials that look like drill bits.

Once securing the cavity walls, the wall tie ends are then attached to the mortar bed at regular points in the construction. This system ensures that your building is strong and robust.

A damaged or failing wall tie can result in construction failure. That’s why calling on Peter E Smith to restore your property is the best choice thanks to our decades of experience and knowledge of the project in hand.

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