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Wall Tie Replacements Cardiff

wall-tie-replacementsWall ties effectively act as a support system to help stabilise the cavity of a wall structure. A wall tie that has been installed properly and worked efficiently will help transfer any loads, whether static or live, across the cavity of the wall.

A damaged and failing wall tie can help contribute to a construction failure. For example if the original was not properly installed or left out all together then load share on the wall is uneven and damage will occur.

How to spot whether you need a wall tie replacing?

There are things that you can look out for inside your property that might indicate whether you need your wall tie replacing, these are:

  • Are the external walls bugling and cracking?
  • Are there gaps between the wall and stairs or skirting boards?
  • Do the door and windows frames come away from the plaster?
  • Is there lifting and sagging of lintels and cills?
  • Are there cracks in the plaster on the interior walls?

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