Fascias & Guttering

Fascias & Guttering is an important component to your roof. All run off water from your roof goes down into a gutter which then runs down a gutter pipe often into an awaiting drain. A fascia, often made from plastic, sits alongside the end of the roof overhanging the side of the building stopping any rain water dripping down the side of your building.

How do I know I need a new gutter?

Look at the surface of your gutter (a ladder may be required). Are there any cracks in the surface? This can lead to water leakage then in turn can lead to exterior damage of the property.

Are you gutters painted? If so a good way to measure whether they need replacing is to see whether the paint is flaking or peeling?

Peter E Smith can install an efficient guttering and fascia system to your roof, removing any possibility of future damage to the side of your building due to untamed rain water.

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